​For the second year running Spencer Ogden has partnered with the University of Applied Management Studies in Mannheim and Liverpool John Moores University. Spencer Ogden’s Global Head of Marketing, Max Richardson, German Automotive Manager, Christian Baumhackel and a German Sales Consultant, Felix Hanreich, joined a team of university professors to observe the results of a project they had tasked the group of international master’s students with.

Both universities were asked to work together to review Spencer Ogden’s social media profile across the countries where the company has presence. This month-long project concluded in a presentation delivered by the students that analysed and compared the regional differences in social media within the recruitment sector and sharing leading examples from other industries.

Max Richardson, Global Head of Marketing at Spencer Ogden commented: ‘After the success of last year’s presentations I was really happy to get involved with the project once again. The presentation provided useful insight for Spencer Ogden, as students were tasked to research our social media presence and offered a wide range of opinions. The high level of research, time and effort that the students put in surpassed my expectations and was very impressive. I look forward to continuing to grow this initiative.'

Topics covered