What initially attracted you to recruitment and why did you choose to work at Spencer Ogden?

Before joining Spencer Ogden, I worked as an estate agent. I had reached the point where I could not progress any further at the company I currently worked at. I was limited on the amount of commission I could earn, so there was no more earning potential for me.  Recruitment interested me as I knew that I could use the skills that I had from being an estate agent, but the earning potential was greater, and commission uncapped. 

​When I came to interview at Spencer Ogden London, I really liked the look and feel of the office. People were honest and upfront throughout my interviews, unlike other companies who sold unrealistic dreams. Spencer Ogden were realistic about what I would earn in the first year but were clear about the earning potential and the company and that I would be provided with a clear progression plan. 

 When did you start working at Spencer Ogden? 

I started working in the Power Contracts Team in February 2019. 

How did you achieve the recent promotion to Consultant? What is your advice to consultants that are looking to take the next step in their career? 

​Your career progression plan clearly outlines what you need to do to achieve your next promotion. Using this plan, I set me own personal goals to ensure that I achieved my KPIs. KPIs as much as they seem a burden, there is evidence to show that if you hit these targets, you will see success. 

It is important to show commitment to the company by living their core values, one of which I particularly focus on is collaboration, not only with people in my direct team or office but globally. There will be some bad days, but it is important to try and keep positive. The more you put in, the more you will get out.  

How has your manager helped you achieve this promotion? 

Not only is he there to help with the day-to-day, but he fully supports our personal development and genuinely has our best interests at heart. He is always available to offer support and answer questions. 

What training has SO offered you to support your personal growth to date? 

When I first joined Spencer Ogden, I had no recruitment specific experience. Spencer Ogden have a dedicated Learning and Development team who provided a graduate training academy when I joined, which set me up for my career in recruitment. Following this I have continued to have regular catchups with the L&D team. There is also an online e-learning platform called the Pod that is available any time if there is anything that you are struggling with or want to re-fresh on. On the desk, not only do I have the support from my manager, but I have a mentor and they both provide regular on-the-desk training sessions. 

Recruitment has its challenges - how do you stay motivated? 

Always see the bigger picture – sometimes things don’t fall into place. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, and you can’t beat yourself up if there is nothing more that you could of done. If you experience situations like this, the best thing you can do is to learn from the process and move on rather than dwelling.  

​As someone that is newer to the business, it is important to get a buzz of other people’s success to keep you motivated, surround yourself with people that are inspiring. 

What advice would you give a someone considering a career in recruitment? 

Recruitment is a challenging environment; however, it is a rewarding one. Once you have the training you need to kick start your career and you learn your market, things will get easier. Keep at it and keep going and you will see the rewards! 

In the recent months, the working world has completely changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. How have you had to adapt your daily role because of the changes? How have you kept your performance levels high? 

From the beginning I made sure that I kept a similar structure to a day in the office. I have a separate workspace, that I can escape from for regular breaks and when the day finishes. I have continued to use my day plan, to make sure that my days are planned out. The technology provided Spencer Ogden has also meant that I am able to work completely the same at home using our database, video conferencing and video interviewing tools. 

​Although I was able to keep my routine the same, I had to change the way that I worked. The market slowed down and travel restrictions were put in place globally. I worked closely with my clients to discuss hiring solutions and the support that I could offer, to keep them a couple of steps ahead of competitors and the changing market.