​Porsche has partnered with Siemens Energy, AME, ENAP and ENEL to pilot a project in Chile and generate the world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale plant for synthetic climate neutral fuels. The project in Chile aims to make approximately 130,000 litres of eFuels from 2022, with annual production of 55 million litres by 2024 and about 550m litres by 2026. 

Porsche have been developing their own synthetic fuel, eFuel, that will begin trials in 2020 with a target that the synthetic fuel will cut CO2 emissions produced by internal combustion engines by as much as 85%. 

The pilot project is in Chile’s Magallanes province and will take advantage of southern Chile’s wind conditions to produce the climate-neutral fuel using green wind power. 

Siemens Energy will make use of its Gamesa wind turbines partnered with its PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is now being recognised as an important fuel for the future with an increasingly important role in storing and transporting energy. 

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