This week in the UK has been ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. The theme for this year was “nature”, after a year where most of us have seen more of our four walls in our homes than anything else, the focus was on reconnecting with nature and the environment. 

At Spencer Ogden we recognised that everyone will be in a different place of comfort so wanted to spend the week globally raising awareness of our own inner wellness. 

As part of our SO wellbeing programme and with each of our offices somewhat returning back to normal life, we teamed up with an inner wellness coach, Suhail Mirza, to help us all with looking after our own inner wellness. 

Spencer Ogden partnered with Suhail because as a business we wanted someone to not only provide us with wellbeing guidance but also someone who has had experience in recruitment and would be able to related to each one of us. 

Over the week, Suhail hosted webinars for everyone globally. Additionally, we have planned a number of direct coaching sessions with Suhail for our managers, as we know that it is our managers who can best support and influence our people’s day-to-day experience at work. 

Topics covered