​Globally, the offshore wind market is booming. The United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States, South Korea and Japan all have ambitious goals to increase their capacity by 2030. Across the globe, Australia has been prioritising onshore wind and solar energy. This in addition to underdeveloped planning when it comes to fixing turbines to the bottom of the ocean, has meant that up until recently Australia has neglected offshore wind.

However, recent changes mean that Australia can now access larger turbines and utilise floating turbine foundations, which can operate in deeper waters. The 60,000km of coastline and high wind speeds in Australia make it perfectly positioned for industrial scale wind projects.

At present there are 10 offshore wind farms proposed for Australia, which could generate more energy than all the coal-fired power plants across the country. Renewables already supply a quarter of Australia’s technology. If successful these projects could help the country to position themselves as a world leader, creating jobs for displaced fossil fuel workers and replacing non-renewable energy resources.