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​Spencer Ogden, the global energy, engineering, and infrastructure recruitment company, announced that it has doubled the size of its Denver office and relocated to 3530 Brighton Blvd in Denver’s trendy River North Art District (RiNo). Since opening its doors in 2014, The Denver office has seen significant growth, almost doubling their size to see a revenue increase of 45% in 2021 alone.

The team have successfully placed over 350+ candidates in the last 12 months and were crowned 2021 winner of Denver’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work for Award. The award recognizes companies that deliver exceptional human resource practices and an impressive commitment to their employees.

This is a really exciting time to be a part of the Denver team. We have worked exceptionally hard to deliver strong year-on-year growth in a competitive market. With Q1 2022 sales up over 200% from this time last year, and net revenue doubling in Q1 year on year, 2021 was a terrific year for the team, and 2022 is starting out to be even better. Given the quality of our leadership team and the incredibly talented staff we’ve added over the past year, I have every confidence we will continue to grow and succeed as we continue to expand!Lars Gloessner, Director at Spencer Ogden for Denver & Chicago.

Located at the heart of the River North Art District, The new office is a short walk away from green spaces such as Globeville Landing Park and the South Platte river. There is a wide variety of lunch spots to choose from and breweries, ideal for after work drinks. The office outdoor space will see a complete transformation with construction work set to finish in early May. There will be newly planted trees, generous seating and built in BBQ grills to reward the Denver team for smashing their incentives.

“I think what makes this space unique is its Spencer Ogden first stand-alone office building! The Denver office boasts a twist on the original concept with concrete floors, garage doors leading outside and outdoor space to make the most of the great ‘blue sky’ Colorado weather. We have also made a conscious effort to go greener, supplying organic coffee and cleaning materials to integrate Spencer Ogden’s sustainability mission into the new space”Lars Gloessner, Director at Spencer Ogden for Denver & Chicago.

Prior to launch, the plan for the opening ceremony was not all smooth sailing. Director at Spencer Ogden for Denver and Chicago, Lars Gloessner, placed an order for a giant neon sign, spelling out the corporate purpose in elaborate cursive font set to be unveiled as edgy wall art in the new space. It just so happened that the sign company was based in Kiev, Ukraine with the finished product set to be shipped on the 23rd of February, one day before Russia launched their invasion into Ukraine.

Lars assumed that the sign would never make it to the US but decided against cancelling the order. In the event the sign was not delivered, the Ukrainian company, now operating their business in a city under siege and at risk of losing everything, would still profit from the purchase. As if by a miracle, the sign arrived days before the grand opening in perfect condition.

Of this event, Lars said “We sometimes complain about small things at work that appears hard or challenging all the while the Ukrainian Postal Service continues to work during a war and continues to ship and deliver the mail. Things like these sometimes help me to recalibrate and put things into perspective.

The Denver team have been settling into their new office since early February and enjoying the much-needed space and fresh interiors. There is certainly a lot to look forward to moving in to 2022 as the office continues to expand and grow.

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