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Conor Brown joined Spencer Ogden as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant in our Perth office. In Conor’s first year, he was recognised as Consultant of the month in October 2021 and in line with Spencer Ogden’s values PACE (People, Accountability, Courage and Excellence) he was awarded PACE champion by demonstrating the behaviors and core values that make Spencer Ogden who we are as a company. In May 2022, Conor also received a promotion to Senior Consultant and continues to grow his career with SO.

Find out more about Conor’s career journey below.

What initially attracted you to recruitment and why did you choose to work at SO? 

I was fresh out of university and unsure where I wanted to begin my professional working career. I sat down and assessed what my skills, passions and motivations were. I found through research and speaking to a fellow recruiter that recruitment could be a good fit for me. To break it down, the role appealed to me as I’m able to utilise my networking, consulting, business development, relationship building and sales skills. The opportunity to take control of your own success and experience rewarding career progression and earning potential was a key motivator for me. SO has a fantastic office culture, full of great people and plenty of support and resources. The work life balance is a huge bonus at SO as they offer working from home and flexi-time!! 

What does your typical day at SO consist of? 

No day is the same in recruitment. But typically, my day will consist of touching base with my contractors and ensuring everything is running smoothly and resolving any issues. Daily business development from calls and meetings which brings in new jobs and opportunities. It also important to consistently network and interview candidates for my client’s jobs – running through the entire on-boarding process from start to finish. 

What is the most rewarding part of the job at SO? 

There are many rewarding parts of the job, it depends on the individual and what they hold most important. For me, the earning potential, career progression and recognition available are huge motivators. On top of that, the process of building relationships with clients and providing them with a service they find useful and gratitude in, is a feel-good moment. In addition, you meet some great candidates along the way – knowing you put them into a role that they love is very rewarding. 

What are some of the challenges faced during your time at SO? How do you stay motivated?

Recruitment can be a roller coaster of an industry. From processes falling out, the market changing, time wasters and other factors that can lead you astray. It isn’t the easiest job, but the rewards outweigh the negatives. You need to be a strong minded, resilient individual who can keep a level head and not look into things too deeply. Staying neutral is the best method to not get too high and too low on the roller coaster that is recruitment. 

What training has SO provided to support your personal growth to date? 

SO offer an award-winning academy program for new hires which teaches you best practise and installs the fundamentals – setting you on the path to being a successful recruiter. After you finish academy, the learning doesn’t stop. I’m currently involved in a mentor leadership program to further my skills. The business works on a flat structure – meaning you can go to anyone for help and support, from a consultant to the director. 

What 3 tips would you give someone who is considering a career in recruitment? 

  1. Speak to a fellow recruiter and do your research - Make sure you have decided on the right agency and desk to specialise in. 

  1. Stay persistent – recruitment is an industry that requires resilience, dedication and repeat efforts. You need to stay for the long run to see the results. 

  1. Enjoy the benefits – capitalise on the great culture, flexible working arrangements and incentives to be earned (paid trips away, days off, prizes, lunches, etc). 

y, days off, prizes, lunches, etc). 

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