Tampa Electric Implements Comverge Solution

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted27/Oct/2011
Author: Spencer Ogden

Tampa Electric Company has selected Comverge’s IntelliSOURCE platform to upgrade its successful price responsive program, which enables residential customers to reduce consumption during times of peak demand.


To support its automated two-way residential price responsive program, Tampa Electric reports it will leverage the IntelliSOURCE platform “to automate high energy use appliance operations and collect metering information to calculate electricity bills for customers participating in the program.”

Tampa Electric program manager, Drema Hughes, says, “At Tampa Electric, we are dedicated to helping our residential customers take a more active role in managing their energy consumption. We began our Energy Planner program in 2008 and it has since grown to be one of the more mature home energy management programs in the country.”

Tampa Electric’s Energy Planner program uses smart thermostats so residential customers can better control their heating and cooling systems, electric water heaters, and pool pumps based on price tiers and dynamic price signals. The automated price responsive program enables Tampa Electric to offer four pricing rates. Almost 2,000 customers are already saving money on their energy bills by programming their thermostats and high energy use appliances to automatically respond to the price tiers and dynamic price signals sent out by Tampa Electric.

Comverge president and chief executive officer, R. Blake Young, observes, “Tampa Electric is at the forefront of a revolution in the utility industry that will see these types of dynamic pricing programs become commonplace. To implement an energy management program of this magnitude is a testament to their team and we are proud to help Tampa Electric deliver one of the only automated dynamic pricing programs in the country. With 18 utility customers across the country now having adopted the IntelliSOURCE platform, it is gaining momentum as the platform of choice for delivering sophisticated Intelligent Energy Management programs.”

Comverge provides technology, services, and information management solutions. For more information, visit www.comverge.com.

Florida-based Tampa Electric provides service to approximately 672,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers over its 2,000 square miles territory.