EnerNOC Wins Cleantech

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted29/Nov/2011
Author: Spencer Ogden

At a reception held in London, Greenbang named EnerNOC’s DemandSMART its 2011 Efficiency Awards winner in the Energy Technologies category. The Awards recognize the top efficiency-building technologies, projects, people, and companies in the cleantech and smart grid sectors.


Greenbang managing editor Shirley Siluk says, “Demand response is an integral part of the smart grid, both in the UK and worldwide, and EnerNOC has proven to be a leader in the space. We selected DemandSMART as this year’s Energy Technology award winner for its combination of real-time data visibility, energy savings potential, and advanced automation.”
Commercial, institutional, and industrial energy users use DemandSMART to participate in demand response programs, which enables customers to view real-time energy data, monitor demand response performance, and assess the impact of other energy efficiency measures. Through DemandSMART’s automated demand response (Auto DR) functionality, EnerNOC can automatically reduce electricity usage at participating sites directly from its Network Operations Center.

EnerNOC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tim Healy says, “We are thrilled to have received this award for our work with energy users in the United Kingdom. The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change has singled out demand response as one the pillars of its electricity market reforms, and EnerNOC intends to continue developing this important resource to build a more efficient, lower-carbon electrical grid.”

EnerNOC develops energy management applications—including DemandSMART, comprehensive demand response; EfficiencySMART, data-driven energy efficiency; SupplySMART, energy price and risk management; and CarbonSMART, enterprise carbon management—and delivers energy, ancillary services, and carbon mitigation resources that provide cost-effective alternatives to investments in traditional power generation, transmission, and distribution.