Exelon signs contract with CNNC to provide nuclear power services

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted15/Nov/2011
Author: Spencer Ogden

Exelon Nuclear Partners (ENP) has signed a consulting service contract with CNNC subsidiary China Nuclear Power Operations Management (CNNO) to provide advisory services to CNNC in a bid to promote best practices for nuclear power operations.


The contract reinforces the emphasis on safe operations at nuclear power facilities across the country.

Under the contract, senior Exelon instructors will be stationed at CNNP's Qinshan Nuclear Power Station in China to deliver workshop and training classes on the Exelon Nuclear Management Model directly to over 200 CNNC management personnel and plant operators from across the CNNC network.

Exelon Nuclear Partners president Thomas Mundy said the proposed contract is the first step in a proposed multi-phase implementation of the company's international best practices with CNNP.

CNNO general manager He Xiaojian said the cooperation between ENP and CNNP can only strengthen the company's current focus on safe, reliable, and efficient nuclear power operations at all CNNC facilities and prepare it for the future expansion of nuclear power in China.

The Exelon Nuclear Partners training will focus on Exelon's principles in organizational design at the corporate, individual nuclear site and nuclear fleet levels.

In March 2011, a memorandum of cooperation was signed, marking the beginning of in-depth discussions and exploration of opportunities between the two organizations.

The current project is expected to last through December 2011.