GE to supply wind turbines for 70MW of projects in France

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted08/Nov/2011
Author: Spencer Ogden

GE has signed a contract with a French renewable energy asset management company Eolfi Asset Management to provide 28 units of 2.5-100MW wind turbine for two wind park projects in France.


The 2.5-100MW wind turbines feature outputs of 2.5MW and 100m rotor diameters.

Slated for installation in four villages in the Aube area, the Quatre Vents project will include 14 of the 2.5-100MW wind turbines, and for the second project, GE will install the wind turbines in two villages in Mont d'Arcis.

The contracts include the wind turbine manufacturing, shipment, installation and a ten-year, full-service agreement.

GE Renewable Energy business in Europe general manager Stephan Ritter said the 2.5-100MW wind turbine offers an advanced technology in terms of efficiency, reliability and grid connection capabilities.

Eolfi Asset Management signed an agreement with Greensolver for the construction management of the wind parks.

Eolfi expects the projects to begin commercial operation in the second half of next year.