IEEE Addresses Smart Grid Security

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted08/Nov/2011
Author: Spencer Ogden

Trilliant is collaborating with 16 home energy companies to deliver interoperable devices that will enable utilities to provide the benefits of smart metering technology to consumers more quickly. The vendors’ products will be compatible with Trilliant‘s Consumer-Engagement Solutions.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), interoperability remains a significant challenge facing smart grids, which require various technologies, systems and devices to securely communicate with one another for the grid to succeed.

Trilliant chief marketing officer Ron Conant believes consumers will ultimately be the biggest beneficiaries of the smart grid. “Trilliant is committed to helping utilities empower energy consumers with our open, standards-based, interoperable offerings. Today we are pleased to be bringing together a group of industry-leading companies to provide interoperable solutions that will bring real and immediate value to utility customers.”

The products included in the collaboration cover a wide range of technologies and approaches, but each is designed to provide consumers with better information about their energy consumption, which in turn will give customers the information needed to make better decisions about their energy use. It is Trilliant’s position that “with the next-generation, standards-based smart grid communications systems now available, empowering consumers to manage their energy use are becoming a critical driver for utilities worldwide.”

Among the companies that have committed to offering products interoperable with Trilliant’s Consumer-Engagement Solutions are Ambient Devices, which deals with in-home peripheral information such as products that display real-time information for weather, sports, stock market and energy; Aztech, which manufactures energy monitoring products featuring a patented light bar represent electricity tiers; Digi X-Grid Solutions provide access to energy usage data and device control via smart phones and Web services applications; and ecobee, which markets its Energy Management Platform to deliver intelligent energy management solutions,  including WiFi and Zigbee enabled thermostats, Web portals and smart phone apps.

In related news, Trilliant also introduced its Consumer-Engagement Solution, an interoperable standard-based product that combines Trilliant’s UnitySuite software, SecureMesh networking, and DDX technology. The solution gives utilities a platform that enables demand response and energy awareness programs so consumers can better manage their power usage.

Ron Conant notes: “Engaging customers in their energy consumption is one of the most critical benefits of a smart grid. However, finding simple, holistic, interoperable solutions has previously been difficult. This new offering provides a platform for a simpler rollout of consumer programs, with proven interoperability on a variety of electricity meters and in-home devices and systems.”