DOE to spur manufacturing of small modular nuclear reactors

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted27/Jan/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

Energy infrastructure development firm Blue Castle Holdings has obtained approval from the US state of Utah to use existing water rights for the Blue Castle nuclear power project in Green River.


The company leased the water over four years ago from the Kane County and San Juan County Water Conservancy Districts for the expected 60 years of plant operations.

Following a review of the Districts' applications for changing the points of diversion, places of use, nature of use and storage of water, Utah's State Water Engineer approved the 53,600-acre ft of water per year from the Green River for the proposed power project.

The approved water for the plant was allocated earlier for power generation by Utah's State Water Engineer for use in coal-fired plants that were not constructed.

The proposed two-unit Blue Castle nuclear project would add between 2,200MW to 3,000MW of installed capacity, using less than 1% of the state's current water diversion.