Doris picks Jee for deepwater project

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted12/Jan/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden
ris Engineering has selected Jee for specialist subsea and riser engineering on a deepwater project, offshore Angola.

The project will involve basic engineering design of the Kaombo pipeline system, located in block 32 offshore Angola, in water depths ranging from 1,450 m to 1,950m.

Trevor Jee, Managing Director, said: “We are pleased to provide Doris with our expertise for this project which is just the sort of thing we thrive on. It has some interesting engineering challenges such as the high pressure and temperature, water depth and active seabed.”

A team of Jee engineers has joined Doris’ head office in Paris for the contract. They will focus on the design of hybrid flowloops, (one leg of a pipe-in-pipe production line, and the other leg of the service line making up the pigging loop) and water injection lines for the 5 fields, along with gas export pipelines from the 2 FPSOs and the design of riser towers and single top tension risers.

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