eMeter Introduces Data Analytics Platform

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted18/Jan/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden
eMeter has unveiled the latest version of its flagship product. eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 and its new Analytics Foundation improves smart grid data management for utilities by heightening energy information processing capabilities through meter data analytics software and applications.

eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 also improves on the company Meter Data Management (MDM) platform with new data collection and validation tools, providing utilities easy access to all data collected through Advanced Metering Information (AMI). eMeter’s Analytics Foundation enables utilities to analyze outages and events, monitor loads, gauge AMI health, and protect revenue.

According to eMeter, “Additional applications made possible by the updated MDM platform allows utilities to offer improved service with better pre-payment options for customers, improved capabilities to identify network loss management, and provide enhanced customer service with access to real-time customer information for customer service representatives at utilities.

Chet Geschickter, Senior Analyst, Smart Grid, Greentech Media Researc notes, “eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 brings the kind of analytics software that utilities will need in the next phase of their smart grid projects and rollouts. Advanced processing and analysis of energy usage information will be critical for utilities to be able to fully realize the true benefits of the smart grid.”

eMeter Vice President of Product Management, Aaron DeYonker, adds: “With eMeter EnergyIP 7.5, we’re saving utilities from the hassle of poorly integrated systems. By utilizing the analytics capabilities of eMeter EnergyIP 7.5, we’re helping utilities liberate energy data that has previously been locked behind inefficient IT platforms.”

eMeter provides software to electric, gas, and water utilities that reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and drive energy efficiency. For more information, visit: www.emeter.com.