Exelon suspends unit 1 at Limerick Generating Station in US

Spencer Ogden our consultant managing the role
Date posted18/Jan/2012
Spencer Ogden our consultant managing the role

Exelon Nuclear has suspended the Unit 1 plant at Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania, US, for a scheduled maintenance outage to allow workers to replace a valve on the plant’s steam piping system.


Operators, who continuously monitor plant performance, at Exelon Nuclear's Limerick Generating Station shut down the plant for the replacement of the valve to ensure reliable operation of the plant.

Plant personnel will complete the maintenance and then begin start up procedures to return the unit to service.

Limerick site vice president Bill Maguire said careful and continuous monitoring of plant equipment is essential to safe and reliable operations at Limerick Generating Station.

"Our operators are well-prepared and highly trained to implement safe and effective solutions to perform the scheduled maintenance and safely return the unit to service," Maguire said.

Limerick Unit 2 continues to operate at full power.

With both units at full power, the site can produce enough carbon-free electricity for two million homes

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