Babcock & Wilcox unit to supply equipment for coal-fired plant in US

Spencer Ogden our consultant managing the role
Date posted08/Feb/2012
Spencer Ogden our consultant managing the role

Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group (B&W PGG) has secured a contract from Xcel Energy to design and supply equipment for a 544MW coal-fired plant in Colorado, US.


The company will deliver two spray dry absorber (SDA) system and associated equipment for Xcel Energy's coal-fired Pawnee Generating Station.

The SDA system will control sulfur dioxide emissions from the single-unit coal-fired plant.

B&W PGG will be responsible to supply atomizers, a reagent preparation system, structural steel and commissioning of the project.

Material delivery is scheduled for 2013, with tie-in of the SDA units anticipated for May 2014.

B&W PGG president and chief operating officer Richard Killion said the company is pleased to have been chosen again to meet Pawnee Generating Station's environmental control needs.

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