Company Supplies Replacement Parts for Smart Meter Upgrades

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted02/Feb/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

House of Breakers has expanded their Smart Meter Support Program to include the greater Las Vegas Metropolitan area. In partnership with NV Energy, House of Breakers supplies hard to find, out-of-manufacture replacement parts for electrical components that are needed to safely replace certain older units as they update clients to a smart grid calibrated smart meter.

Carlos Chandarlis, Operations Officer at House of Breakers, explains, “A lot of the houses in the area are over 4 decades old and we have one of the largest inventories for many older electrical panels that are still fully functional and safe but require parts that are no longer available. With the program expanding to Reno, we’re looking forward to working with and supplying the NV Energy contractors to ensure that the new technology works seamlessly and more importantly, safely, with the older panels.”
House of Breakers recently implemented a new Smart-Phone photo service where consumers use their smart phones cameras to send a picture of the panel to a dedicated number where House of Breakers technicians can determine the panel model and breaker required to make a proper and safe replacement.

Chandarlis adds: “It saves people a lot of time, no more driving around town, from store to store looking for a breaker or an electrical panel part that is no longer manufactured.”
House of Breakers has also signed an exclusive LED Lighting distributorship deal with High Tech Lights (HTL), which uses self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology (SMART).

House of Breakers supplies electrical equipment to residential, commercial, and industrial clients nationwide. The company also specializes in saving and recycling obsolete electrical parts. For more information, visit: