&C Electric Expands Renewable Energy Solutions Production

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted06/Mar/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

S&C Electric Company is expanding its engineering and production facilities in Franklin, Wisconsin. According to the utility, the site supports “energy storage integration solutions, reactive compensation systems applied at renewable energy plants and extremely fast uninterruptible power supplies for mission critical power users.” The facility, expected to open on August 1, serves to double S&C’s manufacturing capacity.

Jim Sember, S&C Vice President of Power Quality Products, “S&C’s power quality products are used to implement the latest smart grid technology which improves the reliability, capacity, and efficiency of electric power grids. This is of heightened importance as communities worldwide work to integrate disruptive new technologies like renewable energy sources and electric vehicles to the grid. This expansion positions S&C to meet growing demand for products that help our customers manage these varied challenges.”
The renewable energy generation industry requires solutions to help meet grid interconnection requirements and to help renewable energy plant owners and operators optimize renewable energy production, avoid penalties, and maximize return on investment. Stored-energy systems also protect customers against power outages and optimize renewable energy on the grid.

Sember adds: “As the grid becomes increasingly complex, S&C’s power quality solutions are vital to allow renewable energy plants to comply with interconnection requirements as well as to enable utilities to manage intermittency issues associated with renewables. S&C’s solutions help keep the grid stable and reliable for the consumers and businesses that depend on it, and better positions utilities to meet energy demands of the future.”

Headquartered in Chicago, S&C Electric Company provides solutions for the challenges facing the world’s power grids to supply reliable electricity delivery. The company’s mission is to develop new solutions for electricity delivery that improve the smart grid’s efficiency and reliability. For more information, visit www.sandc.com.