Astra Resources enters JV for patented clean coal conversion technology

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted06/Mar/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

Astra Resources has signed a joint venture (JV) agreement for an innovative and patented clean coal conversion technology.


The agreement, between Astra's subsidiary, Astra Energy Technologies (AET), Interecotech (IET), CG Technologies and Sevastyanov Vladimir Petrovich, will result in AET retaining a 75% stake in the joint venture company.

The technology relates to the scientific process for the manufacture of activated coal water fuel (ACWF) and the gasification of that fuel to create hydrogen enriched Syngas, which can be used as a cheaper alternative for generating electricity in modern power stations.

With ACWF technology, 20-30% less coal is required for the same MW output compared to a power plant which does not use ACWF using the same coal.

ACWF acts as a super-charged feedstock, and can also be used for high yield, low emission production of syngas, the basis for a revolutionary new type of IGCC process.

The syngas produced through this technology can be used for direct combustion in converted coal or oil-fired boilers, coal-to-liquid fuel production, electricity generation, and can replace natural gas to produce heat.

Using brown coal from Australia's Latrobe Valley in Victoria and IET gasification technology, the estimated syngas production cost is $1 to $2/GJ, depending on the size of the gasification and price of coal.