Daintree Controller Earns ZigBee Certification

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted27/Mar/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

Daintree Networks’s Wireless Area Controller (WAC) has become the first lighting controls product to gain ZigBee Certified product status using the ZigBee Building Automation wireless standard, meaning the product can interoperate with other ZigBee products.

Daintree Networks chief executive officer Danny Yu says being the first ZigBee Building Automation lighting solution to obtain ZigBee Certified product status is “an important milestone in our mission to bring wireless lighting controls to the mass market of commercial buildings. Throughout our nine-year association with the ZigBee Alliance, Daintree has been a strong advocate for the value of open, interoperable communications standards. Our work and certification with the ZigBee Building Automation standard represent an important step towards building-wide, intelligent wireless control networks.”
e WAC is the core component of Daintree’s ControlScope solution, an intelligent local controller that provides commercial buildings with distributed lighting control and centralized management intelligence. It is now ZigBee Certified for both ZigBee Building Automation and ZigBee Home Automation so the WAC can communicate with, and control, a variety of wireless lighting and non-lighting devices such as light fixtures, LED drivers, thermostats, and window blind controllers.

Ryan Maley, ZigBee Alliance vice president of strategy, says, “The ZigBee Building Automation standard is the choice for intelligent wireless control of HVAC, lighting and other devices across commercial buildings. Through products like Daintree Networks’ WAC, buildings can take advantage of secure, reliable and high-performance wireless networks that improve control and reduce energy costs. We congratulate Daintree Networks on attaining the coveted ZigBee Certified product status and applaud their ongoing efforts and successes in promoting interoperable lighting controls.”

Most wireless lighting systems on the market today use proprietary wireless communications, which limits customer choice. Daintree Networks’ open approach has led to more widespread adoption. For more information, visit www.daintree.net.