Iberdrola Awards One Million Smart Meters For Its Projects In Spain

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted20/Mar/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

As part of the STAR smart grid projects in Spain, IBERDROLA has contracted seven companies— ZIV, Landis&GYR, Sagemcom, Sogecam, Orbis, Elster, and GE—to supply one million meters with remote management capabilities. The smart meter deals are valued at €300 million, part of an overall investment of €2,000 million the utility will spend by 2018.

The first stage of the STAR project—the Spanish acronym for Remote Grid Management and Automation System—has been completed in Castellón with 100,000 meters deployed. In the next phase, IBERDROLA will extend its rollout to all of the regions where it has an electricity distribution grid.

In the Basque Country, Iberdrola has established an initiative with the Basque Government, via the Basque Energy Entity (EVE), to adapt more than over 1,100 transformation centers and renovate approximately 230,000 meters.
Iberdrola is also participating in the PRICE project that entails replacing around 200,000 smart meters, half of which will be installed by Iberdrola, and refurbishing 1,600 transformation centers in the Henares Corridor in the Madrid region, as well as in Guadalajara. Iberdrola is also working to transform and modernize its electricity distribution grid in the Murcia, Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha, and Valencia regions.

This initiative, scheduled to be completed in 2018, calls for replacing 10.3 million traditional analogue meters with the new smart devices and adapting around 80,000 transformation centers that will be equipped with remote management, supervision, and automation capabilities.

In addition to the projects in Spain, Iberdrola is also preparing to complete its first smart grid projects in the United States, where it has installed more than 550,000 smart meter devices and in Scotland, where it has deployed new devices to 30,000 customers in Glasgow.