Peterborough Distribution, Energate Team on New Energy Savings Program

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted08/Mar/2012
Author: Spencer Ogden

Peterborough Distribution and Energate are introducing a new program that uses existing Internet connections and a user-friendly smart thermostat display to give Ontario consumers real-time information on energy use and pricing including time of use (TOU) pricing. The utility will also be able to better manage peak demand and meet ambitious conservation targets mandated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) through the Ontario Power Authority’s peaksaverPLUS program. Under the program, eligible participants will receive a device—either an all-in-one Smart Thermostat and display, or a switch paired with a Customer Information Display.

Pilots programs completed in Peterborough, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge reported that utility bills reduced by up to 30 percent. The Energate platform uses two-way communications and broadband Internet to give both utilities and homeowners more information and control of their energy use. Peterborough Distribution is the first local distribution company in Ontario to partner with Energate, which has successfully deployed its solution in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas in the United States.
John Stephenson, Peterborough Distribution president and chief executive officer, says, “The net result of peaksaver programs like Peterborough’s is a more efficient use of the existing electricity grid and local distribution systems, increased consumer awareness and dollar savings for everyone. Easing the strain on these systems during the summer months makes all Ontarians’ less dependent on fossil fueled peaking plants and opens the door to more sustainable sources of generation. This is a real win-win-win situation.”

Energate chief executive officer Niraj Bhargava applauds Peterborough “for demonstrating foresight and leadership by using innovative solutions to solve today’s energy challenges. Engaging consumers and giving them more control over their own usage is a very effective way to manage consumption and reduce utility bills. Energate is leveraging technology to create simple-to-use solutions that are proven to work.”

Energate’s Ontario solution set includes Blue Line Meter Sensor technology that draws consumption data into the home from Ontario’s advanced meters.

Peter Porteous, chief executive officer of Blue Line Innovations, adds: “Providing consumers the ability to actually monitor their energy usage in real time means they can measure how effective their conservation efforts are. By partnering with Energate and providing a key ingredient of the CCDR platform we are able to take energy conservation to the next level by drawing data into the home off Ontario’s advanced meters.”