Spencer Ogden places 5th in The Sunday Times International Track 200

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted08/Jul/2013
Author: Spencer Ogden

Spencer Ogden has ranked fifth in The Sunday Times International Track 200.

Spencer Ogden’s listed international sales growth was 237.10 per cent last year, making us the highest placed recruitment agency on the list.

As international sales hit £17.5m in 2012, our CEO David Spencer-Percival notes that Spencer Ogden has operated “an aggressive international growth strategy and our success is now clear. It is always great to feature on a list like this, but to place so high is amazing - especially when there are only nine recruitment agencies on the whole list.”

The Times highlighted that nuclear energy in Finland, gas in Venezuela and fracking in America have all driven the energy market forward and have enabled Spencer Ogden to thrive.

Spencer-Percival continued, “It’s interesting to note that the number one placed company, Mark Group, also operates within the energy industry. Energy is a market that is defying the economic downturn, and businesses that operate within it are on the lookout for highly skilled energy employees – we’ve made ourselves the go to recruitment agency for the sector – the result has been a dramatic increase in annual sales.”

Since the start of 2012 we have opened new offices in Cape Town, Singapore, Houston, Dubai, Hong Kong and Calgary, with plans to launch further bases in Brazil, Russia, Germany, New York, China and West Africa. As our staff numbers recently rose to over 250 with the opening of an additional floor in the London Office, Spencer Ogden is now reclassified as a medium-sized business, and it continues to grow.


The International Track 200 ranks the UK’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales, and is an extension of the International Track 100 league table, which has been published for the past two years, with the minimum sales threshold having increased from £5m to £25m.