Spencer Ogden Appoints Lord Smith as Non-Executive Director

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted27/Nov/2014
Author: Spencer Ogden
We are honoured to announce the appointment of Lord Smith as non-executive director of Spencer Ogden.

As the former Secretary of State for Culture and shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Lord Smith brings with him a wealth of experience within the energy space. His recent post as Chairman of the Environment Agency - the body responsible for the environmental safety of power generation, heavy industry, and mining in the UK, means he will provide invaluable knowledge and support to Spencer Ogden as we continue to develop our international energy recruitment strategy.

Lord Smith’s focus at Spencer Ogden will be on issues associated with regulation, compliance, environmental safety and international governmental sanctions as well as helping to realise the ambitious growth plans of the business in the energy sector.

The appointment comes as Lord Smith begins heading up an independent task force examining the UK fracking industry, providing an impartial assessment of the impacts of shale gas exploitation in the UK. This extensive sector knowledge, coupled with a distinguished political career spanning 30 years, will enable him to provide senior counsel to Spencer Ogden’s Board on a range of important issues.

David Spencer- Percival, CEO of Spencer Ogden, said, “We are incredibly fortunate to have Lord Smith joining Spencer Ogden in a non-executive role. To have someone of his calibre and experience advising us on key strategic decisions, as well as the expansion of the business in new territories is an invaluable asset. I look forward to working with him to achieve the next phase of the company’s development.”

Sir Peter Ogden, Chairman, commented, "We look forward to Chris joining the Board at Spencer Ogden. He will add great value on a strategic and technical level, working with us to drive quality of service and ensure compliance through the next phase of the company’s development.”

Since our launch in 2010, Spencer Ogden has grown from a headcount of just 25 to over 400 employees globally with 650 contractors working on energy projects across the world. The focus on all energy industries, from oil and gas to power, nuclear and renewables through to energy technology, is a key driver for the businesses growth and central to our innovative approach, and further highlights the motivations behind the appointment of Lord Smith.