1 in 5 University Grads over-qualified for their current jobs

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted17/Jun/2014
Author: Spencer Ogden
Recent reports have shown that one in five workers in low-skilled jobs are actually over-qualified degree holders.
This number is growing, and is largely due to the huge expansion in university education and the Government’s drive to boost economic growth by encouraging more young people to study for degrees. 

Ultimately, graduates are spending three years dedicating themselves to their university and degree and then come out the other end with a dent in their bank balance and the prospect of only finding jobs that they are over qualified for.

The report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) highlights the fact that the number of high-skilled jobs has not closely kept pace with the rate at which qualified graduates from university are looking for jobs, meaning that the number of grads has not been matched by the number of professional, graduate-level jobs.

Although the demand for degrees is not going to dwindle completely. Researchers analysed data from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and Office for National Statistics and found that over a third of all jobs created will be in high-skilled occupations requiring qualifications such as degrees by 2022.

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