Adventurer Hannah White sets world record for English Channel crossing

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted05/Jun/2015
Author: Spencer Ogden

Sailor, broadcaster and all round adventurer, Hannah White has made history by setting the new Guinness World Record for the ‘Fastest crossing of the English Channel in a single-handed dinghy’.

This incredible accomplishment took place just a week after the launch of Project Speedbird – a world record bid to break the women’s one nautical mile speed record – and a project that Spencer Ogden is a partner of.

Hannah and her Moth – a 3.35m sail-powered dinghy constructed of carbon fibre that hydroplanes on two foils – set off from France’s Cap de Gris and reached Dover in 3hrs 44mins 39secs, successfully securing the world record across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

Hannah commented, “I’m absolutely thrilled to have set this new record! Speed sailing requires a very different physiology to the long distance races I am used to, so this was really an opportunity for me to build my skills over a shorter distance in a hyrdrofoiling boat. My eye is now set on the much shorter and much faster one nautical mile record next year.”

The Project Speedbird boat has been designed and built by Technical Director, Dave Chisholm. In order to hit the record, the project will need to bring together both technological and engineering innovation. Partner Land Rover’s aerodynamic engineers will ensure the boat is in perfect condition ready for Hannah’s speed attempt on the waters of the Thames Estuary in 2016.

Spencer Ogden’s vast experience within the engineering industry places us perfectly to support such an ambitious and innovative project. Spencer Ogden will be funding Hannah’s training Moth, which will be crucial in allowing her to develop the skills needed to make the transition to Speedbird.