UAE’s first nuclear power plant approaching completion

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted24/Jan/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden
The UAE’s first nuclear power plant is expected to begin operating by May after the industry’s regulator on Sunday approved licences to transport and store nuclear fuel. 

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation said the fuel’s first shipment would be sent from South Korea in coming weeks before being taken to the power plant’s Barakah site in the Western Region next month.

According to officials, the authority’s approval is considered to be the last step before the nuclear reactor begins operations in May. 

The plant is designed on Korea’s model, which is set to withstand major natural disasters.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation plant operator, Ian Grant comments: "The Korean Peninsula has got stronger earthquakes than here so the Korean design is very robust against earthquakes. It is designed to withstand twice the might that is predicted to happen at the site and we’ve studied the earthquake design extensively."

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