Africa's production of renewable energy set to soar by 2022

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted20/Nov/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden

The African Renewables sector is set the grow over the next five years, according to a senior international energy official. 


"A big chunk of this (growth) is hydro because of Ethiopia, but then you have solar ... in South Africa, Nigeria and Namibia and wind in South Africa and Ethiopia as well," said Paolo Frankl, head of the renewable division at the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA).


Ethiopia has a wide range of hydropower projects that are currently under contraction, including ta $4.1 billion Grand Renaissance Dam located neat the Nile River that will produce 6,000 MW upon completion.

"The continent has a lot of potential, but the problem is financial and political issues, so all of our projects are being delayed for quite a long time, like with Eskom," said Mason Qin, business development manager for southern and eastern Africa at China's Goldwind.

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