Why Recruitment?

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted02/Mar/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden
So, you’ve just graduated from university and have begun the meticulous task of surfing the Internet for a job. More so, you are eager to kick-start your career but don’t know where to begin.  When faced with such a challenge, most people forget to ask themselves what industry can support their unique skill set. Perhaps you’re tenacious and thrive in a competitive environment, or find enjoyment when tasked with autonomous projects. Maybe you’re articulate and find it easy communicating your ideas to others, or simply confident when speaking over the telephone. No matter what context, all of these skills are valuable to an employer. In fact, these same skills are most attractive to the recruitment industry. 

Recruit What? 

Forget the notion that recruitment is only open graduates with sales experience or a business degree - it just isn't that kind of role. Even without pre-existing sector knowledge, trainee recruitment consultants have enormous potential to excel. In fact, consultants have a multifaceted role that goes beyond recruitment. Recruiters are also effective networkers, business consultants, marketers, interviewers, strategists, and problem-solvers - often all on the same day - as they aim to deliver staffing solutions to companies and job seekers.

Generally speaking, recruitment consultants must be, driven, confident and persuasive. They must also communicate and engage with clients, colleagues, and candidates. It’s an active role, which enables people to form new relationships while building their profile across the market by making calls, setting up appointments, conducting interviews, and ultimately making placements.

For those graduates who have the determination and a burning desire to succeed, recruitment can be highly fruitful. The industry offers an impressive commission structure, which can reward individuals who can successfully match vacant roles with skilled professionals, and there is plenty of room to progress up the career ladder.

Money, Money, Money

Across all industries, high salaries always attracts top talent and recruitment is no exception. 
From day one, you are given the opportunity to earn commission. Realistically, a trainee consultant can earn in excess £35K in their first year; however, this is of course entirely dependant on performance and your ability to hit targets.

More than anything, you will find that recruitment will not keep you chained to your desk. Other trainee office roles, by comparison, will offer minimal freedom to venture outside the walls of your office during core hours. As the world’s leading energy, engineering, and infrastructure recruitment specialist, Spencer Ogden allows its consultants to work with some of the largest engineering corporations across the globe. Client visits to understand your client’s needs can be exciting because face-to-face interaction often leads to strong business relationships.

Like any job, there will be highs and lows and its imperative that you are able to keep your cool and remain focused. There will be rejection and it will test your resilience but this is why the financial rewards are so impressive. It’s not easy money because it’s tough, but it’s worth it.

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Recruit

In the world of recruitment, the rewards and perks are immense. It's crucial that recruitment consultants remain motivated to perform and eager to dedicate the time and effort needed to achieve success. In order to enhance motivation, higher incentives are offered, beyond a base salary.

At Spencer Ogden, performance is always rewarded. This is often demonstrated when the company holds dress-up days, quarterly lunch clubs, weekend city trips, Summer parties and global incentive holidays. This year, the company will be taking its global top performers to Costa Rica, Miami, and Bali.

The reality is, if you’re a strong performer, there will be good promotion prospects for you to help you progress to the top. With high-quality training, effective learning and development programmes coupled with consistent management support, becoming a top performer is achievable.


Good to Great

There is no doubt that the potential to earn attractive salaries in recruitment acts as a major pull factor, but it's not the sole reason you should work in the industry. Successful recruitment firms are now investing significant sums of money on training, coaching and mentoring - aiming to build up their consultants' skill sets and also encourage their best people to stay for the long-term.

As a person who has just graduated from university, you also want a company that understands millennial recruitment; a firm that can identify how to correctly fast-track your career in an office environment that will maintain your interest and enhance your productivity. Spencer Ogden is one of those recruitment firms. The company provides a variety of career development programs tailored specifically for graduates who want to progress quickly, including graduate academies, one-to-one coaching, leadership master classes, and a global mentoring initiative. 

With training support, you are shown how to work smarter, not harder. Most importantly, you are given to tools to help you think clearly, but also turn theory into practice. Planning is key when achieving sales-driven recruitment objectives and all managers at Spencer Ogden help construct a day, week and monthly plan.

Many of those working in senior roles within the industry kick-started their career as a trainee consultant - gaining the foundation they needed to develop a skill set for directorial decision-making roles. Tom Reid, Spencer Ogden’s APAC Director, was one of these people. Tom started his career as a trainee consultant at the company’s London office, and immediately excelled, taking advantage of every development opportunity. However, Tom is not alone, many people who started as trainee recruitment consultants are now Team Leaders, Managers, and Directors across the company’s 15 global offices.

Why Now?

The industry is now worth over 35 billion pounds per year!

Recruitment is not for everyone, however, for the right people, it can quickly build confidence, competency, and careers for life. For those graduates who have a strong work ethic, grit, and able to sell a solution, recruitment is certainly the job for you.

If you are determined with a strong work ethic and want to work in an award-winning business that supports individual career growth, then Spencer Ogden is the place for you.

Your career is only a phone call away.

Sasha Mason
Spencer Ogden Talent Acquisition Manager