Report: North Sea to receive £30bn investment in new projects

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted18/Apr/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden
According to energy market researcher GlobalData, a total of 30 North Sea projects will start operations over the next three years. 

The projects are valued close to £30 billion, with Norway’s Statoil leading the investment front. 

According to the report, 20 projects are planned for the UK, nine are positioned in Norway, and one will be located in Denmark. 

Luis Pereira, upstream analyst for GlobalData, said: “Of the 30 upcoming North Sea projects, 21 are crude oil projects and nine are gas projects. Norway will dominate oil production, while the UK will dominate gas production."

“The key planned projects in the North Sea are expected to contribute around 690 thousand barrels of oil per day to global crude production and about 1,255 million cubic feet per day to global gas production in 2020.”

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