Nevada pledges to use 80% renewables by 2040

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted26/May/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden

The Nevada Assembly has passed a bill to increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 50 per cent by 2030 with a goal to reach 80 per cent by 2040. 

At present, Nevada plans to have 25 per cent of its electricity come from renewable sources by 2025.

The bill passed with a bipartisan vote in the Assembly and had the support of several clean energy advocates, environmental groups and the business community.

Elspeth DiMarzio, Sierra Club’s Campaign Representative in Nevada, said: "Increasing our clean energy goals is not a party issue. This is bill for all Nevadans’ which is why it passed with bipartisan support. Nevada's leaders are serious about making the state a clean energy leader.


“We have so much clean energy potential and this bill taps into that to create jobs, increase energy security, and protect our air and water,” she added.


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