UAE’s first nuclear power reactor approaching completion

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted19/Jul/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden
The first nuclear power reactor to be constructed in the Middle East is now 81 percent complete, according to officials. 

The plant is scheduled for completion in 2020 and is expected to provide up to a quarter of the UAE’s electricity needs. 

"Unit 1 is now 95 per cent complete, Unit 2 is 84 per cent complete, Unit 3 is 74 per cent complete and Unit 4 is 51 per cent complete. The project as a whole, units 1-4 and the associated buildings is 81 per cent complete," Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation engineering professional Hank Berry said.

"More than 1,400 local companies are involved in Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant project, with contracts totaling more than $3 billion," an official said. 

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