Satellite Company to create 93 jobs at aerospace centre

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted15/Aug/2017
Author: Spencer Ogden

B2Space and Snowdonia Aerospace Centre are aiming to create 93 specialist jobs at Snowdonia Aerospace Centre. 

The Company is launching 30 satellites a year by 2020 for purposes including tracking changes through to environment and coastlines. 

B2Space’s Valentin Canales said about 3,000 micro satellites will need launching in the next five years as we “use space in a way that hasn’t been considered before”.

“Wales is already a centre of excellence for aerospace manufacturing and has the physical and intellectual infrastructure to support the growing space market,” said Mr Canales.

A spokesman for the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre said the development of a low-cost satellite launch operation will be a catalyst for innovation and jobs.

“The project has the potential to attract technology, research, and investment from around the world,” added John Idris Jones, chairman of Snowdonia Enterprise Zone.

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