Panasonic builds a smart city near Denver

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted11/Jan/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden
Panasonic has officially launched their own smart city located close to Denver airport. 

The living lab experiment is called CityNow has the capability to survive a disaster, run on clean, renewable power, while improving the quality of human lives.

The project covers 400 acres and is transit orientated, with light rail connecting it to Denver and the airport, along with smart roadways that will be used for autonomous vehicles, parking management, and autonomous shuttle routes, which will be introduced in Spring. 

 “Since early 2016, when we started on Denver CityNow, we’ve vetted 11 technology suppliers, developed an open API, established a carbon-neutral district, got approval from the public utility and installed the first microgrid, with solar panels on Denver Airport property, in partnership with Xcel Energy, which can power this area for 72 hours in the event of a natural, or manmade, disaster,” said Jarrett Wendt, EVP of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions

Panasonic’s first sustainable smart city that is basedin Fujisawa, Japan, has transformed into a town with 70 percent less carbon dioxide than normal levels, delivered a return of 30 percent back to the grid that has generated renewable electricity to power the city for five days off-grid. 

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