How to create a killer online profile

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted26/Oct/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden


This Halloween season, we’re offering you some helpful tips to get your professional profile seen, grow your personal brand, coupled with a bucket load of shocking puns for good measure!


A picture to die for 

According to LinkedIn, a great photo leads to 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages. People are naturally drawn to good quality visual imagery and a decent professional photo is a must-have. Low-resolution photos or that slightly risqué one from Facebook can potentially scare off potential employers. To avoid this, we recommend choosing a clear, in-focus headshot in a suitable professional setting. 

Spellbinding skills

Unfortunately, some people fall into the trap of oversharing unimportant details about their employment history. Treat this section of your profile like an elevator pitch and focus on key projects where you delivered tangible value.


If you’re a recent graduate and have minimal work experience, try and include examples of your university work. Additionally, don’t shy away from mentioning your best skills, voluntary work or education, because all of this is critical information. Finally, make sure your profile is kept alive with your latest achievements –it’s certainly time to dust off those cobwebs if your profile hasn’t been updated in ages. 


A cauldron full of content 

Social media is saturated with content. From memes to videos of (black) cats, the digital world is inundated with wacky and wonderful content. But how do you stand out? Building credibility on social media can feel like a monster of a task but it’s easy when it’s broken down into manageable steps. Firstly, it’s called social media or a reason – you need to socialise! Blindly adding people to your network without a prior introduction is a big no-no – resist the urge. 


An effective way to connect with people online is by engaging with others through liking, sharing, and commenting on their content in an authentic manner. It’s even more advantageous to write your own original content. But then again, if you don’t enjoy writing, don’t fret; it’s easy to share captivating content and relevant blogs with a click of a button. And don’t be scared to use humor either – everyone loves a good cackle from time-to-time. Lastly, don’t forget that consistency is key, so make sure you develop a habit of posting on a regular basis.  


Witch platform

A good start is creating a LinkedIn profile. The undisputed king of online professional networking, the site boasts over 500 million users. Potential employers and recruitment agents alike will likely start here for specialist candidates so it’s wise to stay active on this platform if your motive is to attract their attention. Newly graduated or still studying? It’s still worth creating a profile but make sure your profile points to your career aspirations as opposed to any frightfully tedious jobs you’ve done just to get by.

Twitter, on the other hand, acts as a valuable tool where you can stay up to date with current events and trending topics. If your mission is to position yourself as an expert within your field, focus on topics that genuinely capture your interest and interact with people who are leading these conversations. 

For the more adventurous, another platform worthy of consideration comes from a potentially surprising source. Bumble Bizz is a new app from one of the fastest growing online dating companies. Offering users a cool alternative to networking (and swiping right) here you can share digital resumes and examples of your work. The company also uses its advanced matching technology to verify people so you’re less likely to be ‘catfished’ or annoyed by trolls. 

Of course, all platforms are different, so it’s best to stay active and visible on several networks to increase your chances of reaching more people within your industry. 


Skeletons in your closet

It’s now considered common practice for current and potential, employers to review your social accounts. Close to 70 percent of employers use social media in the consideration of candidates before hiring them, according to CareerBuilder.  If you enjoy posting unholy photos on Instagram or thrive on trolling celebrities in your spare time, you may want to consider how easy such controversial practices are to dig up by simply googling your name. 

Investing your time in posting positive content that supports your qualifications will help you enhance your persona online and hopefully appear as the first result for those professional creepers. Better yet, spend some time adjusting your privacy settings to only show them what your Mum would approve of. 


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