How contracting can work for you

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted19/Nov/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden

Higher hourly rates, more freedom, and less politics. While contracting may not suit everyone, it’s important to know what you could be missing out on. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of considerations to help you decide whether contracting could work for you.


More money less problems 

A clear pull is higher hourly rates. Contractors are regularly given access to competitive rates of pay and greater earning potential because employers often need experienced workers at short notice. But when it comes to pay, let the recruiter do all the negotiation work for you. Experienced consultants are well versed with this practice, and know how to lock down the highest wage package for their candidates. Also, they can further assist you in understanding your overtime rates and any other benefits. 

Flex it 

Unlike permanent work, the company that you work for is not your employer and is instead treated like a client. Using a recruitment agency for contract work has its benefits, firstly, recruiters can manage this working relationship with the client on your behalf to ensure you are entitled to what you deserve. Better yet, if you want to move or change assignments, recruiters will have visibility over new opportunities with a range of other clients across the world. 

“Whilst working as a contractor through a recruitment agency such as Spencer Ogden, you have the benefit of having flexibility within your role and being able to manage your own time, with the reassurance that the agency can support you throughout your assignment,” says, Naomi Radford-Smith, Head of Compliance and Contractor Services at Spencer Ogden. 


Take control 

Having the freedom to choose where you work, for how long, and where, is why many contractors enjoy this type of employment. Changing your contract is far easier than changing permanent jobs since you aren’t tied down to a demanding schedule; there is greater autonomy to move where you please. 

“Short termination clauses work in the contractor's favour and means that you can stop or start work on short notice – if the project requires it,” says Nick Worpole, Team Leader at Spencer Ogden.

Goodbye politics 

Working independently tastes a lot sweeter when you’re your own boss. Forget about having to cozy up to your manager to get that next pay rise, a week off or promotion – you’re in the driving seat. Long gone are the days where you have to put in work overtime or weekends because you can charge for all those hours worked. 


Expert Innovation 

Exposure to different work environments, operations, processes, and people, can equip you with the experience and skills needed to become an expert in your field. Not only will it build your CV, it will also grow your network, giving you the perfect opportunity to establish a long list of contacts across the industry. 

Speaking of experts… if you’re searching for contract work across the energy, engineering and infrastructure fields, we’ve got you covered. With over 13 offices worldwide, our expert teams are best placed to find you the best jobs on the market.  

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