Shell to launch 20 MW PV project in the Netherlands

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted07/Feb/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden
Shell has unveiled its plans to construct a 20 MW solar power plant at its Moerdijk chemicals site located in Southern Netherlands.

According to the company, construction is scheduled to commence this year, and will be implemented by its New Energies Business Unit.

“Shell recognizes that solar will play an increasing role in tomorrow’s energy systems. This project demonstrates our capability to develop differentiated solutions and deliver commercially attractive projects on behalf of industrial customers,” said Shell’s New Energies Business vice-president Marc van Gerven.

At present, Shell is looking to actively expand its project portfolio within the solar and renewable energy sectors.

“We believe the number of customers choosing solar power will continue to grow. We are working to help meet this demand and have, for example, invested in the Singapore-based Sunseap Group. At the same time, we are looking to expand the deployment of solar PV in our own operations,” the company states on its website. The company is currently testing a range of PV technologies at its Solar Zone at UA Tech Park, based in the U.S. 

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