Spencer Ogden completes Mount Kinabalu Challenge

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted12/Feb/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden

On February 3, 14 Spencer Ogden employees took part in the Borneo adventure challenge, climbing a staggering 4,095 metres to raise funds for the company's charity of choice, UNHCR. 

Beginning their climb at Timpohan gate, the team climbed 6KM to Laban Rata, sleeping and waking up again at 3 am where they continued for another three hours to summit. 

Mohammed Mohsin, Head of Drilling at Spencer Ogden, described the choice of charity saying: "It's all too easy to forget what comfortable lives we have here in Singapore, with refugees numbering in the millions we chose UNHCR as a company that supports displacement from ongoing conflicts in regions such as Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, Yemen, Iraq, Republic of Congo, providing them with the basic necessities for survival." 

Anna Roberts, Head of Operations adds: “The challenge was inspired by the companies UK HQ completing the 3 Peak Challenge for 'Tomorrows People'. Most of the team here in APAC spent the second half of 2017 training but the altitude wasn't for the faint-hearted. There were stories of them carrying each other's bags through the tougher spots and an effort to ensure every person made it to the top to see the sunrise. We'll definitely be looking for a 2018 challenge this year."