Artificial intelligence aviation market expected to reach $2.2m by 2025

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted01/Mar/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden
The AI aviation market is expected to reach 2,222.5 million by 2025, according to officials. 

The market has grown due to the shift in behaviours of companies using big data in the aerospace industry, a significant increase in capital investments by aviation companies, and rising adoption of cloud-based applications and services in the aviation industry. 

To date, AI-based virtual assistants have allowed airline companies to improve productivity and efficiency in a number of ways. This includes reducing the need for pilots to change radio channels, read wind forecasts, and providing position information on requests.

Recently the Alibaba Group Holding Limited revealed its plans to provide AI-based solutions to avoid congestion at the Beijing Airport. These solutions would help pilots find parking slots for their aircraft easily. 

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