Exelon Generation’s Quad City nuclear power plant to generate 1,800 jobs

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted26/Mar/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden
Over 1,000 skilled pipefitters, welders, carpenters and labourers will be hired by Exelon's Generation’ Quad City nuclear power plant to support a scheduled refuelling outage. 

The planned outage will assist the plant in providing zero-emission during its next two-year operating cycle. 

“The work performed during the outage will help us run safely and reliably for another two years, during the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights,” said Quad Cities Generating Station Site Vice President Ken Ohr.

“Exelon is a tremendous economic driver in the Quad Cities region,” said Kristin Glass, Interim CEO, Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce. “The influx of nearly 1,800 new jobs over the course of the refuelling outage will bring new money to our local economy as those employees patronize our local hotels and businesses.”

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