Dutch company creates ‘smart farm’ with artificial intelligence

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted30/Apr/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden
Dutch firm, Connecterra, has developed technology that follows the movements and activities of cows. The high-tech system, powered by AI and motion sensors, is called “The Intelligent Dairy Farmer’s Assistant.”

According to a company statement, a device is placed around the neck of the cow to record its movements. This information is processed by a computer that uses AI to learn about the animal’s behaviour over time.

Richard Watson owns the Seven Oaks Dairy in Waynesboro, Georgia. He was one of the first American farmers to use the high-tech system.

“It can pick up whether the cow is eating, whether it is ruminating, whether it is walking, whether it is drinking, whether it is laying down, standing up.”

 “Just a 10 percent or five percent increase, or improvement in productivity, means hundreds of thousands of dollars to us, aside from the fact that we just want happier and healthier and more welfare in our animals, anyway.”

The founder and head of Connecterra is Yasir Khokhar. He says the idea for the system came while he was living on a dairy farm south of Amsterdam.

“It turns out the technology farmers use is really outdated in many respects,” Khokhar told the Associated Press. He added that most of the technology that does exist is difficult to use. He says modern agriculture greatly needs new technology like this.

The company says information about the cows can be collected and seen on a cellphone or other mobile device. A text message can also inform farmers of concerns involving the animals.

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