Google hits 100% renewable energy target

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted09/Apr/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden
Google has announced it has achieved 100 percent of its renewable energy target. 

Google’s senior vice-president of technical infrastructure Urs Holzle explained that over the course of last year, for every kilowatt hour of electricity consumed, the company purchased a kilowatt hour of renewable energy from a wind or solar farm built specifically for Google.

“We just completed the accounting for Google’s 2017 energy use and we met our goal," said Holzle.

“Google’s total purchase of energy from sources like wind and solar exceeded the amount of electricity used by our operations around the world, including offices and data centres. This makes us the first public cloud, and company of our size, to have achieved this feat. Today, we have contracts to purchase 3GW of output from renewable energy projects," he added.

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