SO teams up with students from Germany and Liverpool to discuss how businesses utilise social media

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted29/May/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden

In a first of its kind partnership with the University of Applied Management Studies in Mannheim and Liverpool John Moores University, Spencer Ogden’s German Director and Global Head of Marketing joined a team of university professors to observe the results of a project they had tasked a group of international masters students. 

Students from both universities were asked to work together to review Spencer Ogden’s social media profile across the territories it has a presence. The month-long project culminated in a presentation delivered by the students that compared and contrasted the regional differences in social media within the recruitment sector and leading examples from other industries.

Max Richardson, Global Head of Marketing at Spencer Ogden commented: ‘I was very keen to get involved with this project as it offered a unique chance to sample a diverse range of opinions from students with their finger on the pulse when it comes to social media. 

In reviewing the global social media picture at Spencer Ogden and the wider market, the student presentations demonstrated a high level of research and understanding, together with some great insight and ideas. The presentations really surpassed my expectations given the relatively short time the students had to prepare’

Prof. Dr. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa of the University of Applied Management Studies in Mannheim of commented: ‘This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to review a practical example from a local business. I was impressed that our multicultural teams, who didn’t know each other beforehand, quickly bonded and worked well together. This exercise was of great importance for the development of young and globally oriented managers and the successful outcome certainly drives me to organize similar projects in the future.’

Thilo Grams, German Director at Spencer Ogden added: ‘Spencer Ogden Germany has always had a strong relationship with local academic institutions by offering student internships in our Mannheim office. This project is a great way to build upon that partnership and we are looking forward to growing this successful initiative in years to come.'