How proper preparation can be the formula to success

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted04/Jul/2018
Author: Spencer Ogden

Until yesterday, England had never won a penalty shoot-out in a World Cup. Finally overcoming their shootout misery can in no small part be attributed to an awe-inspiring save by England’s Goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford. But whereas the lottery of a penalty shootout is often put down to luck, in the case of England’s goalkeeper, it seems there was a little more to it than that. “I did a lot of research on them for starters,” he told news reporters after the game.

Doing appropriate research before a challenge such as a job interview can be the difference between success and failure. And if Spencer Ogden were to adapt Pickford’s strategy of diligent preparation in a real job search situation, here is how we would break it down:    

Analyse your Competition

You need to understand how to beat your opponents. The labour market is becoming increasingly saturated with qualified candidates, and there is now a lot of stiff competition. Today, more than ever, it’s crucial to stand tall amongst the crowd. The key here is to outshine your fellow competitors by creating a well-structured CV and tailoring your professional profile so it clearly conveys your personality, experience, and capabilities. 

Reach out to your network 

Looking for a new job is challenging, so it’s important to reach out for support where possible. Social platforms such as LinkedIn make it easy to connect with almost everyone around the world. However, if you are hoping for something from a connection, it’s best to do your homework, before writing to them. Whether it’s by email, message, text or a phone call, ensure you are considerate of their time, and understand that building relationships online is exactly like making them in person. 

Winning Attitude

Following the game, England Footballer, Eric Dier, described Pickford as a player who has a winning approach to the game. “He’s a fantastic goalkeeper, fantastic attitude and he deserves everything," said Dier. Whether you have an upcoming phone screening, interview or delivering a final face-to-face presentation, approach each situation with positivity and confidence. Your overall delivery will either impress the hiring manager or leave them with no reason to remember you.

Self Belief 

Gameday nerves are often similar to those emotions you feel when going for an interview. You may feel anxious or have self-doubt. Throughout your job search, it’s beneficial to stay confident and professional. If you continue to question your experience and allow yourself to wallow in self-pity, you will find it difficult to engage with potential career opportunities. 

Show your skills

You’ve done all the prep work and now it’s time to put it to good use. Take the time to demonstrate your natural abilities and highlight the skills that you have worked hard to develop. Demonstrate your talent with evidence and don’t forget to align this with what the employer is looking for.  

Whether your goal is to get a new job or secure your next promotion, it’s always in your best interests to do your research, acknowledge your competition, utilise your network, adopt an award-winning attitude, believe in yourself and most importantly, showcase your talent. 


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