Celebrating International Women's Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter #SOWomen

Author: Spencer Ogden
Date posted08/Mar/2019
Author: Spencer Ogden


Being with SO since its year of inception, I am fortunate to have worked with the founding members and the women who laid the foundations of this company who now sits on the board and my original trainer who has gone on to be my Sales Director, both huge inspirations to myself.

Throughout my tenure, I have since seen women lead the way in all aspects of the company globally who push the company forward and working alongside them has been a joy.

In New York today, I am inspired on a daily basis by the young female talent whose ambition and development sets the benchmark for all our future hires.




SO has given me the opportunity to elevate quickly in my career whilst continually supporting my development including the opportunity for further studying. I have been part of the compliance team at Spencer Ogden for over 6 years and have been fortunate enough to have both male and female managers who have championed me and my progression in the business. My managers have always been supportive of how ambitious I am and have never put a cap on what I am able to achieve, allowing me to carve out my own path in the business.
Spencer Ogden's flexible approach allows me to have the time to mentor a teenage girl through ‘The Girls Network’ organisation allowing me to impart some of what I have learnt to the female leaders of the future.



Women have always been well represented at SO, and I have been surrounded by strong women in leadership. Through their respective roles they have all demonstrated excellence which has inspired me to raise the bar. At SO, you have a voice and you are constantly rewarded for your efforts and achievements.

My most memorable achievements to date has been receiving recognition as Support Services Q3 2018, Finance person of the year 2019 and winning the Support Americas Incentive 2018 with a trip to Belize! At SO our potential is limitless.

SO has been a game changer in my career in recruitment. Starting out as a graduate consultant, SO has given me the opportunity to break many of my own personal and career goals. I have received unparalleled support to become the expert that I am today in my market with multiple opportunities to be a mentor and leader in the business.

I am truly proud to be part of a diversified high growth company that rewards you for your hard work.



I have worked both in the Manchester and Singapore offices reporting to women during my time at SO. When joining the compliance team, I was the only man globally. Daily I am surrounded by inspirational women who are efficient, driven and assertive in their ambition to ensure the compliance function of SO is the best it can be. Their passion for their jobs is unwavering, and this has undoubtedly been passed down through their teams.

SO has enabled me to grow as a person and grow in my career, giving me the ability to transfer to Singapore at the age of 22. This has undoubtedly been thanks to the CCS leadership team, who have pushed me to take opportunities when they arise and have inspired to progress.



After 6 years of being a successful business owner, I joined SO and after two months they changed my perspective of what culture truly is. The kindness, willingness, support and the all-inclusive nature has helped me develop and grow; learning an entire market, job role and finding bountiful success much faster than I expected.

With three deals, winning the graduate competition and many more successful wins so early on in my time at SO, I am motivated to progress to leadership to help motivate, inspire and empower others to become the best they can be.



I’ve been lucky enough to work with and be managed by a number of strong inspirational leaders, many of which have been female. The equal balance of female representation in senior roles has been to the real benefit of the departments I've worked in. This is never been more the case than here at SO where my team and who I report to are all female. 

Clearly however there is still work to be done in terms of gender balance in some sectors that have less of an equal representation, either in the working population or within the more senior roles. Hopefully in the future these areas of underrepresentation can catch up and reap the benefits of gender balance that I have seen so far in my own career.  



I joined SO almost 5 years and i’m happy to be part of a dynamic, fast-growing company. I have progressed from being Hong Kong’s Office Manager to APAC Facilities Manager. SO has provided me with many opportunities to expand my knowledge in different areas in APAC. 

I feel valued and respected by my manager and colleagues, and I’m very fortunate to work with many people in the office’s globally. Their continual support and cooperation has helped me gain valuable experience and I am enjoying the journey. I’m excited to develop my career in such a fantastic environment and company.



I currently lead a global team of highly professional talented women.  Over my last 3 years at SO, 90% of my team have had children and have taken advantage of the enhanced maternity benefits offered. 

It’s important that as a leader, I work for an organisation that can offer benefits for maternity and paternity, to encourage retention of parents in the business. As we mature, so does our workforce.  Therefore, flexibility in how and where we work needs to be supported and the perception of flexible working needs to be positive. Speaking for myself and my team, I know that the flexibility offered by SO, brings back a hard working, highly efficient and dedicated team, winning awards and accolades across the business. 

There is more work to be done in bringing through more female leaders across all sales and support functions, to ensure our global leadership team has a diverse and inclusive approach to success at SO.