Over the past 10 years, Spencer Ogden has had a positive mark on many people's lives, providing energy to people all around the world. 

The energy landscape is changing and it's important for us as a business to have a positive impact on the environment in which we work.

At Spencer Ogden, you’re given a real chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives through charity work.

Our company holds a number of key events where everyone is given the opportunity to get involved, included fun runs, bake sales, and dress up days.

Spencer Ogden offers “Volunteer Days”, where you are entitled to take four paid volunteering with a charity of your choice. This is in addition to your contract holiday allowance.

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Spencer Ogden Singapore organised a CSR event and partnered with Seven Clean Seas to clean up Singapore’s beaches from single use plastic and ocean rubbish.

In 2018, Seven Clean Seas started as a beach clean-up community based in Singapore, they now organise regular international beach clean ups, hold talks to help fellow ocean lovers all over the world.