​So, you’ve thought about a career in recruitment but you don’t have any sales experience? Don’t worry, have you forgotten that you spend your days selling?

The definition of selling, put simply, isthe act of persuading. You may not realise that you’re doing it because you are not selling a product or service, but you are always selling yourself in the environments that you are in.

It may be convincing a friend to try a new restaurant or a company why they should hire you, negotiating with your partner on what to have for dinner or who does the washing up, influencing your family towards your point of view on an issue during a family debate! You are selling every day and you just don’t realise it.

Consider what you have done in the last couple of days that could have been considered selling? As you consider how you have been selling, you may not realise it but you have been using theFAB technique.

FABis a sales principle, that stands for Features, Advantages, and Benefits. The FAB statement allows you to explain the feature, what it does (the advantage) and how that benefits the prospective client and why they should buy from you.

Featuresare one of the easier things to identify.  These are factors or characteristics about your business, products and services.

Advantagesare what the features do. These tend to be factual, and aren’t connected to a prospects need.

Benefitsanswer why someone should value the advantage. It connects the facts about your product to a solution for your client.

The “selling skills” that we learn from our daily lives such as persuasion, confidence, determination, negotiation, punctuality, persistence, discipline and perseverance are part of how we present ourselves and those skills are perfectly transferable to the recruitment and sales environment.

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