Why did you choose Spencer Ogden?

Spencer Ogden is a well-known company within the market and I have known of them for quite some time, especially as the market is so small, and so is the competition. I joined for two main reasons - the global presence of Spencer Ogden, and the team were so welcoming during my interviews, I was even invited out for drinks before I started! The culture was well aligned with my values and I'm confident I made the right choice in joining the team and business.

Describe your previous recruitment experience? 

I've been recruiting into the renewable energy industry for nearly 6 years, working with a number of investment funds, developers, module and inverter manufacturers, and EPC's. I've worked for large and small businesses in Bromley, London and Glasgow, and have mentored and supervised consultants to assist with their growth. 

Describe your personal achievements to date?

I was (and still am) the only person in my family to go to university and achieve a degree. I've played rugby since the age of five, representing Beckenham RFC at 1st and 2nd team level. I was 2nd team captain for three years where we won the league in my first year and achieved promotion. I also took up golf 3 years ago and have a handicap of 15. 

What do you hope to achieve at Spencer Ogden?

I hope to become one of the top perm billers over the next two years, and to be the go-to consultant in my industry. 

What value do you hope to bring to your team/Spencer Ogden?

Given my time in the industry working for competitors of Spencer Ogden, I like to think I can offer a different perspective to situations we often find ourselves in as a recruitment consultant - there's more than one way to skin a cat! My market knowledge is also something I'm hoping to share with the team. 

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