As the landscape around us changes almost daily in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19), Spencer Ogden wanted to provide our clients with information about how we can support them. 

How Can SO Help? 

Labour immobility- as we know many countries have placed restrictions on travel which is already impacting our customers projects limiting the availability of the key skill sets their projects require.

Spencer Ogden has extensive experience supporting sites in over 150 countries from our 13 offices worldwide. We can thereby offer local candidates so your project milestones have the best chance of being kept.

Our in depth global network of candidates can be made available. Even though supply chains are under pressure worldwide we do not compromise on our recruiting process, ensuring our clients remain having the best candidates when they need them.

Are your project schedules shifting?- we understand that due to current market disruptions some projects are being slowed or put on hold while others must continue placing strains on our client's workforce.

We are available to supplement current operations with the temporary labour you require to ensure critical projects can continue with minimal delay.

Longer term, when markets return to more normal conditions, Spencer Ogden can support you with the additional headcount required to get projects back on track.

Hiring freeze- similarly we understand while companies face uncertain times, many HR teams have implemented a company-wide hiring freeze until further notice

Spencer Ogden can offer a range of solutions to ensure you continue to have access to the best people for your operations.

We can employ, sponsor work permits, pay tax and payroll the candidate for you as a consultant until the headcount freeze is released.

Additionally, we can offer a 'temp to hire' solution where the candidates you need are engaged in the short term on a contract basis with the option to take them on directly when operations can return to normal.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us through your usual channels. Details of your local office can be foundhereand further  details on safety measures we are taking globally,here

At this difficult time, the health and safety of our employees, workers and customers remains our highest priority.

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